Software for Structures

Dr. Alex Yevkin
Strong experience in research of novel metallic and composite structural elements for aerospace and civil engineering purposes. Expertise in strain and stress analysis, in dynamics and vibrations, buckling and nonlinear behavior of modern structures. Over 20 years of practical and theoretical background in applied mechanics and mathematics, analytical and numerical methods for aerospace and civil engineering applications. Ph. D. degree in Structural Engineering and Doctoral degree in Applied Mathematics (Moscow Aviation Institute).

In his work with Dyadem Int. (acquired by IHS) Dr. Yevkin was involved in designing and optimizing algorithms to compute reliability and maintainability of complex systems using Monte Carlo Simulation, Markov Chain, Decomposition and Binary Decision Diagram methods. Developed Fault Tree analysis software with advanced calculation algorithms and participated in reliability engineering projects (consulting and analysis).

Over ten years of design and development experience in applied mechanics and mathematics involving FEA (NASTRAN), programming with Java, C/C++, Mathematica, and FORTRAN.

Over 15 years of experience in teaching mechanics and mathematics courses including Strength of Materials, Theory of Shells and Plates, Theory of Elasticity, Stability of Structures.

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Gleb Yevkin
B.Sc. Computer Science, B.A. Philosophy (York University, Toronto).

Over 5 years experience in IT sphere developing client-server applications, as well as extensive experience in database management and programming.

Special interest in applied mathematics, especially applied calculus and numerical analysis